What Do We Do?

Vote-OK was born on 19th November 2004, when the Government passed the Hunting Act 2004.

When challenged on the legislation and the way in which the law had been passed, Alun Michael, Labour Minister of Agriculture at the time, retorted “For anybody who disagrees with the ban on hunting, the place to make their point is not on the streets but through the ballot box."

He thought he was being facetious, but we thought: "Actually yes, thanks Alun, great idea! That is exactly what we will do..."

Since then the fury has gone way beyond the hunting issue. The ban on hunting provided the catalyst and whilst hunting itself is not a significant electoral issue, the treatment of minorities and the prejudice of politicians certainly is. Most people in this country don't care about a ban on hunting, but many people do care about why and how hunting was banned.

From its original roots within the hunting community, Vote-OK is now expanding to encompass the concerns of all those living in the countryside communities who feel that too many politicians in Westminster neither understand nor care about those who live in rural areas.

Research shows that a positive and organised local campaign can make a significant difference to, or even change, the result at an election.


Vote-OK identifies target constituencies which are marginal enough for sustained campaigning to make a difference.

Vote-OK has established a nationwide network of Regional Vote-OK Directors to organise and facilitate supporters to help with the campaign in ‘focus’ constituencies.

Vote-OK will encourage and facilitate the electorate to participate in General Elections by matching supporters to the candidates who support the principles of tolerance and integrity.

Vote-OK is not a political party, but is registered with the Electoral Commission.

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