Rural Issues

Jeremy Corbyn's bizarre choices for DEFRA

In 2015, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appointed a vegan, Kerry McCarthy as Shadow DEFRA Secretary. In July 2017, he appointed a vegetarian, David Drew (MP for Stroud), as the new shadow farming minister.

After Brexit, whoever is in Government will have to formulate the new National Agricultural Policy to take the country's Farming Industry onward into the 21st Century.

Surely, we must have politicians who understand and value ALL sectors of British agriculture in charge of steering that process?

The Labour Party's illogical Animal Welfare Manifesto

Amongst other disturbing proposals in its 2015 manifesto, the Labour Party pledged to end the Government's "ineffective and inhumane badger culls". This in the light of good news from West Gloucestershire cull area showing an encouraging decrease in herds being affected by TB.

The Law Commission’s Review of Wildlife and Legislation

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Everyone knows someone who suffers from non-existent internet connection. Rural businesses depend on this for their livelihood.

Mobile Signal

‘Hang on, I may lose you here….’

British Food

Support British food, clear labelling and procurement of local food by Government services

Farm productivity

Support the uptake of technology to assist farmers increase food production


Inclusion of countryside/environmental issues in school curriculum

Animal health

Support for the TB eradication policy

Transport links and Fuel Duty

Many depend on bus links to their nearest town for shops and access to services, and those who drive would like recognition of the impact of fuel costs on rural residents.

Rural Policing

Rural crime has to be taken as seriously as any other crime.

Post offices

Ensure we keep good postal services in rural areas. Imaginative and enterprising approach to facilitate viability for rural post offices.

Liz Truss MP

“One of my aims as DEFRA Secretary is to re-link people across the country with our countryside which is so important to our future as a nation.” Rt Hon Liz Truss MP, when Secretary of State for DEFRA

The nation needs to be educated about the ways of the countryside from food production to wildlife management. It is only through doing this that we will teach others the importance of the countryside as a vibrant, working, sustainable and productive environment. However in order to do this we need to make certain we elect a Government that understands the rural way of life.

Don’t just complain-Campaign.

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