Can we hope that Labour will ever understand the Countryside?

This tweet was recently posted by Labour shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner.


This after Jeremy Corbyn's appointment last month of a vegetarian shadow Farming Minister and a vegan shadow Secretary of State for D.E.F.R.A. in 2015.

When you have a would-be Prime Minister who seemingly cannot understand, or doesn't care about, the glaring contradiction in expecting vegetarians or vegans to be able to empathise with, or gain the respect of, an industry that is more then 50% livestock-based and a minister in charge of the education of our children who plainly cannot distinguish between real life and children's' fiction herself, what hope is there that a Labour Government can ever hope to provide proper representation for our countryside and the people who live and work in it?

[EDIT: it has been pointed out to me that it is not impossible for vegetarians to be able to empathise with farmers and the livestock industry and this I freely concede. I have known several that do. I would still suggest, however, that, from my experience, those that do are very much in the minority - and I would guess that vegans who do are even more so...]

Once Brexit has kicked in, whichever party is in power thereafter will have responsibility for penning a new "National Agricultural Policy" to replace the EEC's Common Agricultural Policy.

This will be the biggest upheaval in our farming and other rural industries since the Second World War.

With the possibility of another General Election before the end of the five year term in 2022, there is a chance that it could end up as a Labour Government in charge of this change.

On current form, is this a risk that anyone in our agricultural and rural sectors can afford to take?

For rural people, active involvement in politics has never been more important than it is now.

Don't just complain - campaign!


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